Learn Cooking Vocabulary Learn Cooking Words

Learn cooking vocabulary. Learn cooking words and Phrases in English.

Learn cooking vocabulary. Learn cooking words and Phrases in English.

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Hello students and welcome back to the English Danny Channel I’m teacher Johnand I’m here to help you become great at using Englishthis is the first video for the English cooking corner in these videos you can

(English Cooking Corner!)

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today we will learn to cook chicken soup you will also learn many different words so that you can also cook it and even talk about it with your friends let’s get started to start let’s look at the vegetables we will use we will use 1 onion 2 ribs of celery and 2 medium

(2 Carrots Medium-Size)

carrots make sure you wash the celery because it can be dirty sometimes next

(Wash The Celery!)

let’s chop our onion you will need to chop the ends of the onion off and thencut halfway down the middle then you can peel the skin off the onionyou can just throw away everything you cut and peeled off next finish choppingthe onion in half next you can see how I chop the onion here I’m just doing arough chop the pieces don’t need to be very small for our celery we want tochop it a bit differently I don’t like big chunks of celery so I chop it intocubes like this this is called cubing so you need to cube the celery like I showhere next our carrots carrots have a skin on them that we don’t want to eat

(Peel The Carrots. Use a Tool Called A “Peeler.”)

because the texture is bad so we can peel them off using a tool called apeeler just chop the ends off the carrot and peel the skin off like this againjust throw away the skin it is not important

(Cube The Carrots. Cut The Same Way We Cut The Celery!)

let’s cube this carrot just like we cubed the celery you’ll want to do thesame thing chop the carrot in half then chop into smaller long pieces then cubethose pieces congratulations you’ve prepared our vegetables for this souphere they are it’s important to prepare things before you cook you’ll also wantto get your chicken for this recipe I’m using four bone-in chicken thighs thesework well because of the skin bones and fat and the thighs you can also use onewhole chicken let’s go see what we’ll use to cook with I’m using a medium

(Use A Medium-Sized Pot. It Makes About 6 Servings.)

sized pot it makes about six servings of soup so it’s time to put our chickeninto the pot add the vegetables we prepared into the pot we’ll also beadding two teaspoons or 10 grams of a dried herb called time now you can ad (Thyme Add 10g (2 Teaspoons))

your liquid I’m adding about eight cups or 1.8 liters of water or however much

(Water Add About 1.8L (8 Cups))

you need to cover the chicken and fill the pot after this I like to stir itaround a bit just to mix everything togethernow we’ll turn our heat onto high and leave it on high until the soup startsto simmer like this we don’t want the soup to boil we just want to cook itvery gently stir it a little bit just to make sure everything is okay once thesoup is simmering and not boiling reduce the heat to low like this and cover the

(Reduce Heat To Low, And Cover The Soup.)

soup with the lid okay we’re going to cook the soup like this for one hour youcan check on the soup a few times and stir it a bit but I like to just let itcook for one hour without touching it soafter one hour your soup should look something like thisyou should be able to see the chicken fat on top of the soup and the chickenshould be fully cooked looks great but it’s not ready yetnow we’re going to remove the chicken from the soup I’m using a tool called

(Remove The Chicken. Use A Tool Called Tongs.)

tongs to do this which makes it very easy we move the chicken to a plate andlet the chicken cool down for about 10 to 15 minutes during this time give thesoup another stir and add one half of a teaspoon or 2.5 grams of another dried

(Marjoram Add 2.5g (1/2 Teaspoon))

herb called marjoram we’re building some really great flavor now go ahead andstir the marjoram I like this next step because it helpsto build the chicken flavor of the soup skim off some of the chicken fat on top

(Skim Off Some Fat. Add About 235ml (1 cup) To A Bowl.)

and add it to a small bowl you can see how much I’m skimming off here probablyabout 1 cup or 235 milliliters next take one tablespoon or 15 grams of flour and

(Flour Add 15g (1 tablespoon) to the fat. Mix!)

put it into the fat you skimmed off take a fork and mix these together until itlooks and smells like a chicken gravy this is going to help boost the flavorof our soup and also make it just a little bit thicker so put the gravy into

(Add the Gravy. Mix Quickly Using a “Whisk.”)

the soup and mix together quickly with a whisk you’ll start to see that the soupthickens a little bit let’s go back to our chicken which should be cool enoughto handle right now you can see I can just pull the chicken off of the bonewith my hands you’ll want to pull all the chicken off and throw away the bonesbefore we put our chicken back in we should taste the soup we are checkingfor the flavor maybe it needs a little bit of salt or pepperwell I tasted mine and it needed both so I added 1 TSP or 5 grams of salt and 1/2teaspoon or 2.5 grams of black pepper stir the salt and pepper in and I tastedmy soup and it was perfect now it’s time to putour chicken back into the soup just throw it in and stir it around thereyou’re done you can of course add more ingredients to the soup many people liketo make it spicy this soup is very warm it tastes savory rich and deep in flavorit reminds me of something my mother would make this is also very healthy youcan also add some cooked noodles to it or some rice I’m going to add both wowthat tastes great I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson and recipe the full listof ingredients can be found in the description where you can find moreenglish learning videos also consider liking subscribing and sharing thisvideo thanks for tuning in to the English Dannie Channel

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