Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Olive Garden, a popular American casual dining eatery chain, focuses on serving Italian- American cookery. It operates as a attachment of Darden Restaurants,Inc., with its headquarters located in Orange County, Florida.

In the time 2022, Olive Garden contributed$4.5 billion to the overall profit of its parent company, Darden, which amounted to$9.63 billion.

The Olive Garden, firstly a unit of General Mills, opened its first eatery in Orlando, Florida on December 13, 1982. It snappily came the swift- growing unit in General Mills ’ eatery division, with 145 locales by 1989.

The fashionability of Olive Garden caffs led to their per- store deals matching those of former family company Red Lobster.

ultimately, the Olive Garden came the largest chain of Italian- themed full- service caffs in the United States. In 1995, General Mills spun off its eatery effects as Darden Restaurants, which included Olive Garden.

In 1998, Olive Garden passed a rebranding, removing “ The ” from its name and introducing the watchword “ When you ’re then, you ’re family. ”

Despite facing some challenges in deals, the company continued to expand and blazoned plans to add over 200 new Olive Garden locales in the coming times.

also, the company planned to expand into transnational requests and explore franchising hookups, marking a new direction for the chain.

Darden made an advertisement in 2011 that it would startco-locating Olive Garden and Red Lobster locales in lower requests. The new caffs had separate entrances and dining areas, but participated kitchen and support areas.

still, in 2014, Darden decided to vend Red Lobster, close twoco-located caffs in Georgia and South Carolina, and convert the remaining four into standalone Olive Garden caffs .

Olive Garden’s deals dropped in 2012, egging the company to introduce a three- course mess for$12.95 to try to stop the decline. In 2011, Olive Garden enforced a obligatory tip- eschewal program and in 2012, it tested converting utmost of its staff to part- time to limit the cost of paying for health care benefits for full- time workers.

In 2014, Olive Garden launched a new totem and eatery design, which included online ordering and lower lunch portions. In 2019, Darden denied false claims that Olive Garden was financing Donald Trump’s presidential crusade.

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